Brachycephalic dogs are never far from the news. Loved by many owners and would-be owners, Pugs, French Bull Dogs and other brachy dogs are becoming increasingly popular in UK with many celebrities owning them.

British Veterinary Association, BVA, among others, are campaigning to raise awareness of the issues which these breeds face. For obvious reasons, we have not shown an image of a Brachy dog here.

MG&A asked owners a series of questions relating to the brachy breeds.

1. Which of the following best describes how you feel about pugs?
-They look cute, I’d love one!
-I feel neutral about Pugs
-I feel angry that they have been bred to look like this. I would never have one

2. Some breeds of dogs have been bred with flattened or distorted faces to look cute. Unfortunately this can lead to serious health issues such as breathing difficulties and infections. These breeds of dogs are called Brachycephalic breeds (meaning short skull) and include breeds such as Pugs, Boxers and French Bull Dogs. Were you aware that these breeds suffered from serious health problems because of the way they have been bred to look cute?

3. Because of these potentially serious health issues, some animal welfare groups are calling for companies to ban pugs, French Bull Dogs and other similar breeds of dog to be banned from being used in the media and in advertising campaigns as they fear that this increases demand for dogs bred with these deformities. How do you feel about these breeds being used in the media and advertising?


When asked “which of the following best describes how you feel about pugs” owners were given three options 1) They look cute, I’d love one 2) I feel neutral about pugs and 3) I feel angry that they have been bred to look like this. I would never have one.

In our survey, half of owners (47%) said they felt neutral towards pugs.

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