MG&A Customer Journey Mapping & Insights; helping you to identify new areas for improvement through mapping every touch point or interaction your customer has with your company and/or brand.

Customer purchasing patterns are more dynamic than ever with products and services being perceived as one connected experience. More than ever, companies need to understand when, where and why customers do not complete a journey.

MG&A Customer Journey Mapping & Insights comprises two, half-day workshops to help you and your cross-functional team to uncover how customers interact with you, what they want from you, and how they feel about each interaction. The workshop culminates in the development of ideas and innovations to optimise the customer journey experience, filtered by the potential impact of these ideas and innovations on the company.

About MG&A

MG&A helps clients to identify, anticipate and satisfy their customers’ needs profitably, be they B2B or B2C. Whilst each project is bespoke, our services centre on 4 main areas:

Market research;
helping you to:
· Identify and satisfy market opportunities
· Generate, refine and evaluate marketing activities
· Monitor market performance

MG&A conducts research both in UK & Internationally, using traditional qualitative and quantitative methodologies (focus groups, exec depths, telephone etc) as well as digital methodologies (online surveys, web groups, exec depths), to meet your objectives in the most cost-efficient way.

Marketing Consultancy
e.g. Facilitating the team through any part of the marketing planning process e.g. development of marketing plans, development of value propositions etc.

Stakeholder engagement & Innovation

Bringing internal & external stakeholders together as equals to achieve a shared goal or purpose e.g. designing a new added value service, preparing the market for launch of a new product or service etc.

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