Sticking with September’s theme of education, we asked dog owners, “We all have our own ideas on what is and what is not acceptable to us. Regardless of whether or not [NAME] actually does it or not, which of the following do you feel is / would be acceptable for [NAME] to do in your own house?”

Sit on your knee
Sit on the sofa / chair with you
Sleep on your bed with you
Jump up at you to greet you
Lick your face
Beg /ask for food when you are at the table
Lick your plates or bowls etc


More than three quarters of us felt it was acceptable for our dog to sit on our knee (76%) or on the sofa / chair with us (78%) whilst two thirds (66%) of us felt it was acceptable for our dog to jump up to greet us.

Opinion was divided on whether or not it was acceptable for our dog to sleep in bed with us (54%) or to lick our face (46%).

The majority, however, found it unacceptable for our dog to beg for food at the table (22%) or lick the plates / bowls (20%).

Maybe it is back to school for some of us and our dogs!

About the sample

MG&A conducted an online survey among 250 dog owners in December 2016. The questions ranged from the serious to the frivolous.

All respondents were dog owners:
• Aged or 21y or older with 9% over 60y
• Either totally or jointly responsible for the health and well-being of the dog
• Living in UK

In addition to at least one dog:
• 27% had a cat
• 10% had a small furry

If you would like further information on this survey or you would like to discuss the possibility of MG&A conducting a bespoke survey for you among pet owners, farmers, vets or other healthcare professionals, please do get in touch or contact Mo through LinkedIn

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