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MG&A provides marketing research and marketing consultancy

We help clients to identify, anticipate and satisfy their customers’ needs profitably, be they B2B or B2C. Whilst each project is bespoke, our services centre on 4 main areas:

Market Research


Using a wide range of qualitative, quantitative and online methodologies, MG&A works with you to:
Identify and satisfy market opportunities
Generate, refine and evaluate marketing activities
Monitor market performance



Whether at a product or service, brand or company level, MG&A can facilitate your team through any aspect of the marketing process, enabling you to define your target market, develop a value proposition and formalise your plan to market.

As an external facilitator, MG&A can provide a knowledgeable challenge and sounding board for your marketing plan, as well as providing input on different ways to meet your stated objectives.


Customer Journey Mapping
& Insight Generation


Helping you to identify new areas for improvement by mapping and understanding every touch point or interaction the customer has with your company and/or brand.

Stakeholder Engagement


Stakeholder engagement brings together an organisation’s internal and external stakeholders to work as equals towards a shared goal or objective. This might be developing a new product or service which meets the needs of all stakeholders, solving a challenge which affects the whole industry or creating new ways to add value.

These workshops enhance motivation and engender a sense of shared responsibility for the initiative’s success amongst the stakeholders.

MG&A can work with you at any stage in the product or service life cycle from pre-launch to senescence. Some typical challenges where we work with clients include:
Preparing for a product launch:
Marketing Planning workshops, Stakeholder Engagement workshops, new product/service development workshops, market scoping & opportunity studies, competitor analysis, brand positioning, ad concept testing, packaging testing, pricing studies.
Maximising and maintaining the growth phase:
Usage & attitude studies, improving marketing effectiveness, analysing and tracking brands or company image (including Net Promoter Score), brand management, preparing companies to defend against generic competition, gap analysis, segmentation, Customer Journey Mapping workshops
Managing senescence:
Monitoring value/benefits ratio, competitive market size studies, identification of new markets or products.

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